Baby activists and L-plate politicians

9/24/2005 11:16:00 pm

I should have known that it was a bad idea to learn how to do cartwheels. But of course I supressed the inner vibe and decided to go for it, and now my right ass-cheek is very sore, I ripped the muscle or something and now when I try to bend my leg it hurts like bejeezus.

Campainging for the 2005 Guild elections is OVER, and while at times it was so boring that I stooped to cartwheels, and had to get up at 6.30am every morning for a fun filled day of apathy and abuse from fellow students we won HAHA and now I am very happy. When the count started yesterday I started drinking at 1pm and continued for the next 14 hours. Great fun was had by all, and even though the Voice camp was quietly confident about winning, it wasn't until about 3 that we had the preliminary count...77.7% of the primary vote!! It looks even more impressive when you say that the other tickets all got less than 100 votes (Change 69, Action 96 snigger) and we got 775. That isn't just a landslide, that's a freaking tsunami/hurricane/other devestating natural disaster. Weehee, break open the champagne...or rather 5 bottles and forget about being quietly confident, we got raucous. As did the film crew who were maintaining their stance of impartiality very convincingly...I guess we'll just have to wait for the doco and we'll see just how impartial. I hope to god it isn't a hack job because I was absolutely toasted yesterday afternoon and I was talking to the camera. One word: KINKO'S man, kinko's. (Of course the thing about the Kinko's joke is that it was only funny when we were really pissed and makes no sense unless I act out the whole scene with facial movements and exagerrated hand motions, so you'll just have to believe me.) I have decided that student politics is a dirty game, but still I love the power trip. Maybe I'll just be an activist and leave the actual politics to someone else.

But that wasn't really the point of my story, the point was that we drank a lot and invited the media people to karaoke, then went to my house to get shoes, and ended up in Paddy Macguires after an adventure through the city in Janet's car that involved us singing along very loudly with the windows open to Karma Chameleon. Then once we were at Paddy's we drank some more and sang very loudly in the beer garden to John Farnham (the VOICE of course), and to Bon Jovi.

In my infinite wisdom I then went and had a chat to the security guard and explained to him how we'd just won an election, and please just humour us rather than chuck us out. His reply: "I've been humouring you for the last two hours, don't worry about it". Hahaha, and then when the trashy covers band played Living on a Prayer he came and got me so we could all dance and sing along to it.

I was at home having a power nap this afternoon, after realising that I hadn't actually slept that much, when I heard a knock on my bedroom door (which was lucky because the power nap had turned into more of a 4 hour snooze). What do you know, but it was flatmate boy, back from his first week of holidays, recreational drugs in hand, and a small gift for me of a pack of cannabis incense. Him and a friend are heading off to a big ass rave tonight and had decided to make bead bracelets for everyone they met whilst on their mood-enhanced excursion, and I used their beads to make a bracelet that says "ellie is way cool". And you don't need e to know that it's the truth :D

I did some laundry today, I'd reached the point where the only clothes I had left were either for work or hair dyeing, but I hadn't had enough money to do it any earlier. I hung them out on my super excellent twine clothesline (rigged up two weeks ago when I realised that the tin-can radio to next door had been made redundant by the fact that we don't know the neighbours who live there anymore), but as mentioned earlier then had a power nap and forgot to bring them inside before it got dark. So then I figured, I'm going home tomorrow, I need to have dry clothes and went down to the laundry to put them in the dryer. I must have a knack for picking the evil money stealing dryer because the bastard ate my coin and I hadn't brought any more down with me, so I went upstairs to get another (I actually think I destinied myself on the coin being eaten because I contemplated taking two down with me then changed my mind because it's been such a long time since I picked the evil money stealing dryer to use...the concept of which is made more confusing because the dryers swap roles every couple of weeks). Then when I got back downstairs all the other dryers were taken. This is why I don't like dryers..

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