Mountain Goats and the closet...

9/29/2005 09:33:00 pm

I worked for Work today for the first time since I quit in Feb. It took me about thirty minutes to remember how much that place depresses me. I hate it. There was nothing to do except try and look busy because the thirty cartons of stock they're expecting didn't show up so I had no stock to mark...except for one box which arrived about ten minutes before the end of my shift. True to form, at about 3.30pm my supervisor rang and asked if I could work until 4.30 instead of 4 if they needed me. Which pissed me off because it's symptomatic of the way that whole fucking place operates. Twelve months ago, when I was all timid and weak I would have said yes...but I said no and she cracked the shits. I'm on holidays for a week, I was doing them a favour, and she can go to hell. No matter how much I need the money, I will never ever work for them again. It does bad things to my head.

But anyway, I bought two new CDs yesterday: She will have her way, it's a Tim and Neil Finn tribute album done by all Aussie female artists. Sooooo good, especially Missy Higgins doing Stuff and Nonsense, and Sarah Blasko's version of Don't Dream it's Over. Amazing! Not as amazing as seeing the Finn bros live at Splendour this year (sorry Neddles), but still very very good. And also The Mountain Goats, The Sunset Tree. John Darnielle's songs lift me up even though I'm bored and tired, and wish I was somewhere else.

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