Kill Microsoft before it kills me!

10/08/2005 12:52:00 pm

I'll admit that I'm procrastinating, there really is no doubt about that. But I was trying to do some work, I even came to uni on the weekend. I have a stupid stats lab quiz on tuesday and I'm trying to do the past paper, but I cannot figure out how to make these stupid fucking Excel functions work, and of course it doesn't say how in the lab notes. It makes me. want. to. SCREAM.

I need to get into the maths building so I can get on to the server, so I look at the website and it says "MO20 is open weekends 12-6pm. Mathematics students should have automatic swipe card access to the red centre." Then in goes on yada yada "In session 2 2005, there will be no weekend access to MO20, so no student will have swipe card access to any Red Centre labs."

I hate this place.

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