The train was not a good idea.

10/02/2005 07:36:00 pm

I don't like the train. At all. Firstly there was a weird guy who kept talking to me and Melon about being patriotic, and telling really un-pc jokes about 'Japs and Jews' and I wanted to tell him to piss off but we were both too polite. But then he got off the train.

Then, when we got to Werris Creek, aka hole in the middle of the earth, so they could "amalgamate" the two trains we ended up getting delayed for over an hour because they just couldn't quite get the Morree train to stick to the Dale one.

There's only so many games of solitare I can play, books I can read, and ways Melon and I can make fun of the announcer's voice.

I should have spent the money and caught the plane.

When I was catching the bus home though, there were all these little emo-grommets trying to get to UNSW but they had no idea how (mainly because they were on a Randwick bus), so I gave them instructions how to get there and they asked me to stay on the bus with them. Maybe if they had been out of high school and not all expressing their individuality by all dressing like emo-grommets. Made me giggle though.

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