Supreme satisfaction in the face of procrastination.

11/13/2005 10:53:00 pm

As I have an exam at 8.45 tomorrow morning I've been procrastinating because my brain has reached a point of crammed saturation and I just can't force anything else to go in there. So I decided to Google myself, as you do, and yay! My blog, growing entity that it is, has entered the realms of Googleability. Which is all very good, but means that my mother will probably now be able to find it. Not that that's a bad thing per se, but I was getting much joy from teasing her by not giving her the address, and if she can find it then my fun will be over.

As I sat in the library tonight trying desperately to shove some more knowledge into my bloated memory, I was listening to a general mix of study music and a live track of Crowded House came on: Sister Madly live in Newcastle; there's a part in the middle with Neil and Paul having a big conversation about how they screwed part of the song up as one of those "tee hee, aren't we silly ultra-famous musos" moments. And I was struck by the thought of how sad it is that Paul is dead now but the part in the song is such a happy moment, and I guess you never know how your life's going to turn out eh.

I don't often get struck by thoughts, they're generally painful and unpredictable. *Kaching* somebody get a drumroll going before they kick me off the stage.

Hopefully tomorrow's exam is ok. I never want to look at that crap again. If anyone's in the vicinity, I'd say I'll be out on the balcony around 2pm tomorrow getting absolutely kerschnoogled. Feel free to join in.

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