What: no broadband?

11/23/2005 03:14:00 pm

I've discovered there are many pointers for knowing you're in the country. Among them are paddocks, livestock (more on that later), no good clothes shops, and the notion that my house can only have a dial-up internet connection, rather than broadband, since we're built in to the side of the hill. Crazy, until now the hill has only caused strange reception for Chanel 7, and that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. And so friends, I haven't been posting for a week because it was taking 30 seconds for google to load, and that's just not cricket.

On the subject of livestock: when I flew in last Wednesday morning I had the window seat and so could see all the little critters as we came in to land. As we came over a few hundred fields of sheep grazing I noticed that they were all walking in single-file, straight lines, even though they were out in the middle of nowhere. It looked very funny, because they looked like little white woolly ants and it made me giggle.

I took some photos while I was at home...for your viewing pleasure:

These are the view from the top of my street. The one on the top looks out over Mt Duval to the north, and the one below is more out to the west.

This is my house from the back (top) and the front (middle), and also part of the backyard.

I have some more pics to post, I'll do it over the next few days.

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