Allow me a small moment of self pity.

12/06/2005 01:30:00 am

Well we didn't win $700 at trivia. Which isn't really a surprise because we're really not very good.

Also, after some elation in a post a while back that I had made it into the hallowed halls of a Google web search, my ranking has fallen, and I no longer come up in a Google search. This is not the end of the world though, in fact it's fairly minor and not something that I care hugely about because no one reads this trash-heap anyway.

I spoke to Ruth in Italy tonight and that was cool. I'm going to send her some thick black stockings so she can cut the feet off and match the fashion du jour. I miss my friends and I wish I was in Italy and going to Paris for New Year and had a friend who was going to the Netherlands so I could drop in and visit them. But not, I'm here and there's not a huge amount I can do about it. Except perhaps fashion me a makeshift canoe out of bark and old milk cartons and little bits of twig and maybe some feathers, and paddle out to sea in the hope that I get picked up by a cruise ship on the way to the Carribean/Mediterranean. We can have but small dreams.

I got some marks back, distintion + for sociology, and high credit for stats. Now I just need my fail in chem, and I should have an overall pass mark. I know it's petty but in both those subjects I was only just a few marks off the next highest marking band and it shits me a little bit to think, "would it've killed ya to bump it up a little bit?"

That's all. Until next time something mildly interesting, or for that matter totally uninteresting pops up I remain your faithful social commentator.

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