2/18/2006 07:19:00 pm

As I sat on the balcony this evening, playing computer solitaire, sorting out pictures from the aquarium (ratio good:bad…1:4) and trying to capture an elusive picture of our friendly neighbourhood possum Percy, I had cause to contemplate a number of things.

Among them was how fantastic it is to listen to sports commentators speak about “final totals” in ice-skating, and how after a week straight of watching the Olympics I’m a little sick of snow sports. Unless there are crashes: I like the crashes.

I never realised what a multi-sports expert LaSharon (or LaTissue as my friend Nabs, from work, calls her), but I suppose that the saying “those who cannot do, teach” holds true for “those who cannot play, watch and become tele-experts” also. I’m mean, I’m not making a judgement here because let’s face it, during tennis season I’m somewhat of authority (as is Lush now that I think about it), but the last time I swung a racket I can pretty much guaruntee you that it kept on swinging til it bashed me in the ass.

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