Stupid things I have done.

5/10/2006 11:44:00 pm

Well, where to start?

I did something stupid the other day, I mean, I'm sure I did a couple of stupid things, but this one does tend to stand out.

I've decided to go on a fairly strict new saving money scheme which basically involves me spending much less money on crap than I usually do, and as part of said scheme, I put the money I got from my Grandparents into my money box and will add money to it as I have spare change so that eventually I have enough to buy a full size bottle of Dior perfume. Anyway... so I dig out the money box and tip out all the bits and pieces that are inside, including 7 hippy student activist badges and about five of those little soy sauce fish and some safety pins that I'd been looking for, and the key to the padlock of the money box.

So I put all my worldy possesions into the box (read: approx $35.00) and lock it up only to then look at the key and realise it doesn't open the lock. Shit. Anyway, so I don't want to break the lock and 'm not really sure how I'm going to get the money out. I was thinking a tin opener perhaps, but then that does negate the idea of not breaking the padlock, because I'd be breaking the money box instead. And now I'm not sure that a tin opener can go round corners, so I asked Angie and we decided that a circle really is just one big corner if you think about it. Then I decided to try not to do much thinking with Ange because it never really seems to go anywhere. And in the end I still have no idea how to get the money out.

It's a pity really. That's a third of the way to my bottle of perfume that I'll probably never see again.

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