By popular demand. Well, not quite..

7/17/2006 12:51:00 am

It wasn't until I was at a good friend's 21st birthday last week when I saw some old friends who I haven't seen in a couple of years that I realised that while there aren't many, a few people actually read these messages from time to time. I was quite surprised really (and before I go on, can I just say let's disregard my earlier post because I think I might've fixed whatever I broke).
The sad thing about this realisation, is that I really don't have much of anything to say but I'll have a jab; let's work from the present back:

  • Tonight I got bitten by a possum. Hmmn, yes it looks just as ridiculous written down as spoken out loud. Well I guess it was more of an inquisitive nip than a bite and it was my own fault. I'd been down to the shop to buy the paper and a crunchie to get me through the evening when, coming back through the garden, I saw a possum at the base of one of the trees that goes up to our balcony. Let me just say now, that I knew I should keep walking, but it was just so damn cute, I had to stop for a chat. And as I chatted it came over to say hello, and because it was so damn cute I decided that I would put my hand out and see if it would let me pat him (though I knew it would probably end badly). I also would point out that I thought about giving it some of my crunchie, but had a few qualms about doing so, namely I didn't want to feed a possum my crunchie and don't want to feel responsible for getting the poor chap addicted to refined sugar. Anyway, long story short, he sort of sniffed my fingers..and then he bit me and ran away just as Francis from upstairs called out "be careful, they bite". Just for the record, I'm pretty sure I was the one who told him originally that they bite.
  • I met a person from Denmark today. It wasn't a coincidence, more of a planned encounter but sounds less impressive when you put it like that.
  • I spoke to Helen on the phone. Which doesn't sound impressive no matter which way you put it.
  • I got my results, two credits and two distinctions..not bad, especially since I had a fair idea that there was going to be at least one fail there and I really didn't do as much work as I should have.
  • I got four stitches in my neck, which are itchy and sore and I want to take them out. Oh, and when people ask me what they're from, my response is going to be "oh you know, terrible freak piercing accident, yah yah, terrible".
  • I'm going to Sweden. Yay.

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