Rainy day at the Rocks.

7/19/2006 11:20:00 pm

I had the stitches taken out of my neck today. Finally. They were only there for a week but really starting to drive me crazy, but now I have to have that papery tape stuff over the places where they were so that I don't rip the scars open by accident when I'm just moving around doing normal stuff. Ouch!
The funny thing is, well actually it's probably only funny to me, but when I hear myself say "I got my stitches out today", it makes me feel like a puppy. I mean, isn't that something you say about pets? Maybe I've been conditioned to think that because of my experiences with Mel-dog having knee surgery and lots of nasty stitches, poor chum.

Also went to the Rocks and Circular Quay today which was..pretty crap really: rainy, windy and freezing; Helen and Ben having a bitch fight about an art exhibit outside Copenhagen icecream. But on the plus side, met some other people going to Sweden as well at the start of next year and hung out with some other exchange students. Afterwards EJ (my Taiwanese exchange buddy) and I went to Bondi Junction and Randwick for a little shopping adventure and I bought a giant purple foam foot for the bathroom. So now that I think about it, hmmn, a little bit of an offbeat day all round.
Anyway, I leave you with some photos of the Quay from a much nicer day :)

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