Bioluminescence classification

8/31/2006 01:01:00 pm

Well, this is really just for the people in my micro group, but my other loyal readers (I know there is at least two of you) might think the photos are cool. Especially my flatmate Viki who looked at the luminescing one and said, "Ooh, that's so nice, which end is its head?"

Also, while I remember, here's sample location info. Unless you want it specifically, I won't bother with prawn/fish samples since everyone took their luminescent samples off my plate (if you want it just ask me). So, the sample location was Coogee Beach, taken on 02/08/06. The ambient temperature was 13ºc and the seawater surface temp. was 18ºc (Bureau of Meterology). Samples were taken at the incoming high-tide. And if you really want to know, I got wet when I was doing it because the waves that day were..well..wavy.

This is a photo taken off my plate, you might notice that it seems a bit brighter than it was when we were looking at them today, I just changed the contrast levels to make the glow a bit more obvious but the colour of the luminescence is the same. Just as something to think about, I'm pretty sure we can get a good idea of the species and genus just from the spectrum of the light, but hey, we'll see what the PCR comes up with :)

This is just to give an idea of the macroscopic morphology of the colonies. They seem quite small (my reading said common size is 2-5mm), but I think that's because the plates were only subbed quite recently. The graininess in the background is just from the BL agar.

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