A grand day out.

8/13/2006 06:39:00 pm

After going out for dinner with Lucy and Chris last night, we met up with the Maccas this morning and went for a jaunt today from The Spit, to Manly followed by lunch near the pier. How civilised! It was a beautiful day, as I'm sure you can see, and we met up with Mike and Jen in Manly who'd come across on the ferry from the city. Jen did the City to Surf this morning, Mike stayed at home. Ooh, and she spewed on the ferry, which is gross and reminds me of a story about Andy which we can save for another day.

The chubbiest looking kookaburra I've seen in a while, spotted about half-an-hour into the walk at the first cafe we came across...

The view down from the walking track.

The intrepid anthropologists examining a group of Aboriginal rock carvings.

Looking out through the heads, on to the Pacific Ocean I think (geography not really being my strong point).

An unusual place for a house!

The A Team.

Chris attempting to direct us.

Well then, that takes all the fun out if it doesn't it. I thought it was funny though that they didn't have a little cartoon of nude bathing with a red cross through it. I guess it's a bit hard to make those stick figures look naked.

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