A slight mishap.

8/16/2006 09:40:00 pm

Mmn, yes, I think it's time to put the heater away for the summer, what with the weather warming up and all. And with the nice little second degree burn I got from said heater last night.

It was my own fault really, I've bumped it a couple of times before when it was on and known the damage it can do. But last night I hot the back of my leg on the flat bit (it's one of those metal oil-filled ones) when I had it on maximum. It's fair to say that it hurt. Quite a bit. For quite a while. And I didn't have an icepack or and frozen peas/steak/other old wives' tale food so I had to make do with an orange I found in the fridge.

Oh, and I got abused by a customer at work today. Wanker. And the kitchen, which I spent two hours cleaning on Monday, is filthy again. I hate this house!


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