Pluto pups and Dagwood dogs.

9/02/2006 12:17:00 am

I do remember eating a Chiko Roll once, I'm not sure how many times it had been battered and deep-fried before I got to it, but I have to say the experiece changed me.

You may have heard that Pluto is no longer worthy of the title 'Planet'. This leaves our traditional solar system with only eight planets which I have to say, surprised me more than a little. Just last week I heard that Pluto, Xena and Ceres, along with some others, were to be considered planets in line with the definition that a group of astronomers and historians from the Internation Astronomical Union's planet definition committee (how's that for a job title). What did they say? Well, a planet is any object with mass large enough to be pulled into a sphere by gravitational force, and is orbiting a star. Seems to me that Pluto fits into that.

Alas, astronomers are fickle creatures (historians are just odd), and this week they've changed their minds. Pluto is out!
But fear not I guess, they made a whole new dwarf category. In the interests of political correctness, I wonder if it would be more appropriate to call it the "small statured planet" category...

I heard I guy from the Parke's Observatory on the radio on the morning the demotion was announced sounding a little sad and confused, "just a few days ago there were twelve planets, now there's only eight". You could almost hear the sigh at the end of that sentence.

So, any ideas for a new pnemonic? Since I never knew any of the old ones, and to this day am a little unsure which planet they're talking about in Third Rock from the Sun, I looked up the order on the net.

Many Very Elegant Men Joyfully Sunbake Utterly Nude ?

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