Chinese karaoke...

11/18/2006 01:49:00 am

I'm not a huge fan of singing karaoke, because I usually sound like shit, but tonight and did my duty to please a friend from work at her birthday. Three times. I have to admit, I got into the vibe, but now that I think about it, karaoke is like eating a while tub of icecream and enjoying it at the time, then feeling hideously guilty later.

Not that I really feel that way about singing karaoke, but without a fairly large volume of alcohol it's not really my thing.

I rang mum when I got home because she'd tried to call when I was out, and she'd rung to tell me that the parents of one of my really good friends are splitting up. The news made me quite upset because it brings back unpleasant memories. I also sometimes feel like taking bets on who's going to go next, it's starting to seem inevitable. And that is, indeed, a fairly bleak way to think.

On a lighter note, when I was walking down the path tonight coming home from this party, I saw one of the possums in the bushes. I managed to coax him over to me by sitting down and making little cheeping noises. I haven't seen this one up close before, he had a little black band of fur around his nose. I think he would have come closer because he seemed fairly inquisitive, but then he got scared by two small asians coming down the path, who were, I think, in turn scared by me because I was kinda...just sitting in the bushes for no apparent reason. So I pointed up into the tree where the possum had retreated and said, "possum", and making my merry way into the night.

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