Argh, she hugged me.

1/03/2007 03:48:00 pm

Well, a fairly run-of-the-mill week, sliced in with some dramatic little tidbits along the way.

Firstly, I resigned yesterday, and after all the build up and anticipation of waiting for my last day, I ended up going home sick, meaning my last day went with more of a whimper than a bang. It also meant that I couldn't make the clean break I was hoping for (as in -I'm out, I never have to go back-) , because I had to go back in today and hand in my keys and badge etc. And, because nothing ever goes smoothly in that place, I had to fill out another resignation form because they lost my original one. When my manager had signed it and all she hugged me(!) and told me it was a pleasure working with me(!!)... I didn't really know what to say...because wasn't a pleasure for me.

Which brings us to the second little bit of drama, which in the end doesn't sound like it was that interesting (I was at home when it happened). Aforementioned manager also resigned, alas, for me, a year too late. She told me today that they're paying her out and letting her go on Friday instead of the month's notice, which suggests to me that they just want her gone. Again, sadly a year too late.

I went to the doctor this afternoon beccause I had a couple of what you might call 'funny turns' during the week involving me ending up on the fitting room floor, head between my knees, couldn't stand up sort of things. I think it might be because the iron tablets I've been taking since my last blood test are a much lower dose than what I had been taking and I've started feeling weird again so I figured it was better to get it checked out before I leave. Coincidentally, I've been sick for the past few days with a nasty cough and sore ears, so it was good timing for a visit to the doctor, and she thinks I might have bronchitits. Yay for me. Apparently my chest doesn't sound too bad, so she'll check it out again on Friday when the new blood tests come back. The conclusion I want is that the funny turns were because I was coming down with something, and I've come down with a virus that will go away in the next few days. Have to wait and see though.

And finally, I've started packing up my stuff. I'm ready to get off this island.

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