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1/21/2007 09:58:00 am

Yes it's true, I'm still alive. So, where to start? I suppose we could go chronologically, that would make the most sense really.

I left Australia last week on Thursday and arrived in Japan that night where the Hiranos picked me up at the airport. And, as the biggest surprise of all, Kana and Dave had found out which plane I was on and travelled two hours out to the airport to meet me! I don't really have that much to say about Osaka since I was there for less than 20 hours, so I made a little, shall we call journal of those hours (to open a larger image with the text visible, click on the photo):

From Osaka I flew on to London, where lo and behold, somewhere over Siberia I met a girl called Anna who was also going to Uppsala and was flying to Stockholm on the same flight as me...coincidence? I think not!
Immigration at Heathrow was crazy, it took almost an hour, and by the time I made it through customs the jetlag was really starting to hit me since I hadn't slept for quite a while and my body was telling me that it was the middle of the night. I managed to stay awake until ooh, 7.00 that night, then woke up again at 3am and stayed awake until 7 before having another snooze and waking up at 9am. We did a bit of sightseeing in London: Buckingham Palace, the houses of Parliament, some squirrels etc and also a few large chunks of the monopoly board, then Camden markets on Sunday where I was very tempted to buy some funny hats (which, in light of the current temperature in Sweden, I really wish I'd bought).
I only got two and a half hours sleep that night before the nervous energy got the better of me and I had to get out of bed to fly on to Sverige...

And now I'm in Sweden...what can I tell you? It's getting dark really early, and is cold all the time. It snowed today quite a lot. I've met some really nice people and we've done some fun stuff. We saw some churches, drank some coffee, tried to figure out how to get our internet connected, drank some coffee, found an all you can eat sushi buffet, got lost in some woodland trying to find the Biomedical Centre (Ieven had a map, and then all of a sudden there were no houses, just trees, and a Spaniel bounding around joyfully), drank some vodka, walked a really long way to IKEA, found out that Jordan has a life-threatening dairy allergy that's really quite endearing, took some photos, walked some more, got cold, bought boots, navigated the System Bolaget (that's liquor store to you), spent three hours trying to do the grocery shopping (where is the mustard, really, and what is all that stuff in the freezer section in tubes?), realised that it gets dark at two thirty in the afternoon, learned how to order coffee in Swedish, found out that there's no breakfast menu at McDonalds here no matter how early you get there, and then all went to bed pretty early.

Especially Ron who is still a bit messed up from the flight and really needs to stop going to bed at 6pm.

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