Going down like flies.

2/08/2007 11:53:00 pm

I didn't make it to class this morning, when my alarm went off at 6.40 I thought about getting up, but in the end I just couldn't do it. I think that being sick has caught up with me because it's 2pm and I'm still in my pyjamas in bed with a really bad sinus headache. So many of my friends are sick at the moment (at least 8 or 9), it's like they put something in our food. Damn our unprepared immune systems. On the bright side though, Johan, one of the Swedish people in my corridor is getting sick too, so maybe it isn't just an exchange student plague.

It's weird that I feel bad about missing class, because so far I've been to all of them except 2, and both times I've been legitimately feeling like crap, rather than just lazy. If I were at home and had only missed two classes I'd be getting worried that there was something wrong with my because I'd developed motivation and dedication to my education... But the thing is, these lectures are three or four hours each, so missing two is the equivalent of not going to class at home for a month (which I probably achieved last year in either biochem or micro), and when you think of it like that, well, it just doesn't sound very good.

At least I'm starting to get my uni stuff organised...in a way.
Yesterday afternoon I went into town with Lauren and Kristen and we went to this really nice cafe in Stora Torget, the main square. It was upstairs and had all old furniture and really warm heaters, and I ate a piece of dajmtårte..sooo good. Daim is this Swedish chocolate that has a kind of butter toffee inside it and little pices of nuts or something and it's delicious, so the dajmtårte was cake with the toffee stuff in one of the layers, mmmn (imagine the j in dajm makes an "ai" combination, and the å sounds like the "ou" of pour, there's a little swedish pronunciation for you).

Kristen and Lauren were going to work at the pub and the kitchen of our nation, Kalmar, so when they left I had a little look in H&M. I bought a jacket thing, which I'm not really sure if I like, but it was reduced to 98 kroner so I figured I may as well buy it (I needed some retail therapy damnit!). Then I went over the Åhlens, which is the closest thing Uppsala has to a department store and bought some suction things to stick on the wall in the bathroom instead of having bottles and makeup all over the floor, as well as some of those cardboard filing box things (that was me getting uni things organised). I had to buy another notebook too because in the last two weeks, I've written SEVENTY PAGES of notes already, and my book is full. Seventy pages: that's just mean.

I was going to have dinner with Meredith, but she's sick now too, I think I gave her the clap; so I ended up eating pasta on my lonesome instead of pizza, which was probably a good thing really. And to be perfectly honest, I think the exertions of yesterday afternoon had by then well and truly taken it out of me.

I think I'll have a nap.

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  1. Anonymous8:17 am

    Hi Ellie
    you write such a good blogg I've realy enjoyed it - sorry you have been sick and had the Swedish health system runaround but hopefully the heavy artillary will fix you up. Warren and I have just done the 6 Day Overland Track in Tassie which was fantastic and soon Jamie and Warren will do the great NSW Bike ride while I veg out up the Blue Mountains at the Blues Festival with the Mitchells. Go well and stay strong love Deb

  2. Anonymous9:54 pm

    ooh. i forgot they had H&M in sweden! i hear its pretty good and dirt cheap. they do stuff with designers and sell it at target prices.
    get better soon ellie!

  3. Hey polly, yeah, but the designer stuff sells out really quickly each season I think. The most recent was Viktor and Rolfe which was pretty popular. I've been very good and haven't bought many things, only 3, which by my standards is very controlled eh.

    Deb, the overland track sounds amazing, but well...you know how much I love bushwalking ;-) In light of that, I can't think of anything sounding better than vegetating at the Blue Mountains while Waz and Jamie ride their bikes, hehe. Have fun!
    Love Ellie


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