I want my dog!

3/22/2007 11:07:00 am

Well, so this big ass immuno exam is tomorrow, and to be perfectly honest I never want to hear anyone at UNSW complain about an exam again. Ever. Five hours and 100%; what more can I say?

More than anything I want it to be over so I never have to look at lists of cytokines or membrane bound receptors again, and if someone reading this figures out at some point what a 7-transmembrane alpha-helical toll-like receptor is, I'd love if you could sort of... contextualise it for me. The only problem about this exam is that if I fail I can retake it without penalty, which does for sure sound like a fabulous idea in theory. But for someone who only really studies well under the pressure of impending doom it hasn't helped overly much, and the only thing that's been getting me out of bed in the morning for the past two weeks has been the thought that I never want to even think about my notes again after tomorrow. Well, that and the glimmering hope of fika at some point in the day...

But more to the point, I miss Mel! This has been an on-going long distance relationship for more than two years now. Her enquiring little face as she follows me around the house; her cheeky but confused grin when she gets caught on the couch, but thinks she's doing nothing wrong; her ability to get under the covers of a bed and look like a pillow without leaving a wrinkle; the shivers when she knows she's about to get put outside. Sigh.
And for some reason, her obsession with getting into cars is still endearing, even if it is a little odd and means the car fills up with white hairs.
I wonder if perhaps there's someway Mum could post her over for a visit?

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  1. Anonymous3:31 pm

    this just gets better... now you are linking to wiki... whats next?

  2. Anonymous8:14 pm

    The dog is getting her winter coat and starting to leave white hair everywhere. I was thinking of getting her shaved again but the temperature has plummeted (still 18 degrees however). Are you sure you could look after her in your room? I'm not sure what sort of padded bag I could send her in.

  3. I think that she could squeeze into one of those wine bottle boxes...

  4. Anonymous11:58 pm

    After three days on her own (we were at Urunga and Torbays were putting her in the garage each evening and letting her out in the morning), she was very glad to see me. After running around like a dog on high doses of caffeine, she got in her basket and went to sleep-contented maybe?


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