Jag är mycket trött: Arctic Circle adventures.

3/13/2007 07:40:00 am

We left Uppsala last Friday night for 17 hours on a train up north, 32 hours above the Arctic Circle, 19 hours coming back down (the train broke down) and most of Monday and Tuesday napping.

Dogsledding never eventuated but I did PAT a huski. We went cross-country skiing instead and while I have bruises the size and shape of various fruits all over my legs, I only thought I was going to die twice. We went to the Ice Hotel (and the klepto in me came out, so not being able to steal a shot glass, Kristen and I took pillowcases instead) and then walked down into Jukkasjärvi to have a look at the oldest church in Sweden. And despite the weather forecast, and it being overcast and sleety all day on Saturday...we saw the Northern Lights!

I've been having some trouble with my internet connection, so I've put some of the photos on my Flickr account in an album called, originally enough, Arctic Circle. You can access it directly here.

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