My room, our corridor, the town: A beautiful day in Uppsala.

3/29/2007 08:02:00 am

My room, albeit not that interesting.

And my one of my new pot plants (the other is a red geranium and they make me trés excited about impending good weather): inspired by Spring! Daffodils are Påsklilja- Easter Lilies, but I'm convinced that easter here is all about chickens (more about that to come if I can take some photos of shop windows without getting strange looks from the shop keepers...) Apologies for the whole horizontal aspect it's got going there, not really sure what happened but I can't get it to stand up.

Johan and Jonte, not huge fans of posing for the camera...

..and Max, a big fan of posing for the camera though perhaps not seen at his best in this one.

Pretzels made by me because it was such a nice day that we felt and urge for baking yeasty goods (Kristen made bread).

And, oh my! The weather was gorgeous today: clear blue sky, people on bicycles, charcoal barbeques, ducks quacking and chickens in every shop, as far as the eye could see.

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  1. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Is that a snarling dog I can see on the wall?


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