Destination Gotland

5/23/2007 03:31:00 am

Well Kristen and I did go afterall.

And it was really nice.
The photos probably tell the story better though. We were so lucky with the weather, and our cabin was really nice (the walk out there with our packs: not so nice, but it was fine once we got out there, even better once we hired bikes).

The people on Gotland were so friendly and the island was amazing. We went on a 50km bike ride that went along the western coast and inland through some farmland, past some churches, a few wind turbines, and at least one windmill, which was absolutely the highlight of our weekend. My ass, however, tells a different story.

Saw black sheep with curly horns, little tiny fishing harbours, went fossil hunting on a chalk-formation beach. Ate homemade icecream, candy, more icecream, and crepes with saffron icecream. Got a free busride (unheard of in Sweden), pseudo-hitch-hiked, and I got incredibly sunburnt from my shoulders down. Especially on my hands. Damn bike ride without sunscreen.

I think the best part for both of us was that we went without any real expectations, and so it exceeded anything we could have imagined. I just cannot get over the the fact that there were ducks and swans swimming in the ocean!

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