I should really be studying right now.

5/28/2007 11:47:00 pm

I have the final for my Molecular Infection Biology course on Tuesday next week, so rather than study, I decided to bring to you a little piece of Sweden.

Kristen is leaving in a few weeks and so has been doing the rounds of all the shops we frequent, trying to find presents to take home. Almost every time we're in town, we go into this one called Design Torget. None of us has ever bought anything there, we really just go in there to play.

It's supposed to be the place where you can buy the Swedish version of homewares like Alessi and, oh you know, that spiky lemon juicer you always see in magazines... Actually, maybe that's Alessi too, but for the purposes of this is doesn't really matter.

My favourites are this dish cloth,
a sticker that says "varning för guldfisk": a twist on the more traditional "beware of the guard dog" bahahahahaha.

And above all, the banana case; I cannot go past it. Made even better by the fact that I see people using them at uni. Snigger.

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  1. Anonymous9:21 pm

    lol... banana case...

    id say i want one but id never use it in a million years...


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