And then there were two.

6/10/2007 12:45:00 am

Well, the exams are done, the sun has stopped setting, and the last mixed drinks have been ..drunk, the friends I have made in the last five months have all pretty much packed their suitcases and gone home.

It started weeks ago when the Canadians finished class and left to go on European Contiki tours, but really, Meredith, Kristen, Lauren and I were counting the days until our little team was no more. And so, with the departure of Meredith on Thursday and Kristen at 7am this morning, Lauren and I have been left to continue the Swedish odyssey alone.

There may have been a few tears shed these last few days...

But, to go out on a high note, the weather has been amazing and Sweden has lived up to the crazyness we've come to know, love and expect. I just have this little empty feeling and a big question hovering around my head: surely it can't be the halfway mark just yet, and, did they really have to go home??

Sunset/sunrise sometime around midnight. -More photos from the last week on my Flickr page, link in sidebar-

Dinner one last time at Upplands.

Biking home together for the last time.

Stopping at Gamla Uppsala on the way to Ulva Kvarn

Ulva Kvarn

The Swedes finish high school and celebrate by driving around town in the back of trucks and tractors drinking champagne.

And Kristen and I wander aimlessly in town one last time.

Uppsala says goodbye to Kristen and Meredith.

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    We are testing how to do this.

    Great photos.



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