Crazy, or just creative?

6/29/2007 08:41:00 am

I have always liked knitting. I can only knit in straight lines and the most complicated stitch I can do is the purl, but still, I like knitting.

I have also long held the belief (since around Easter* anyway) that Swedes are well, just a little bit odd. Though of course, not odd in a bad way, there just seems to exist a little streak of crazy in the collective psyche that adds a little bit of joy to my day upon its observation.

So it seems quite logical then that the two match up quite nicely. I introduce to you Masquerade: Swedish guerilla knitting at its best.

*I refer here to the fantastic Påsk candy sale that occured at ICA Vast in the week before Easter: the price per kilo of Smågodis was drastically reduced and the Swedes went CRAZY.
Kristen and I thought a nuclear holocaust was about to start and they were preparing. I mean, words really can't describe it. The Swedes have this concept, "lagom", which is 'the middle way'. Not too much, just enough. Well let me tell you, I never thought I'd see a 55 year old Swedish man exercise lagom by plonking four kilograms of candy on the counter ahead of me. There were so many people packing their bags full that within minutes of being refilled,the barrels were emptying, and that wasn't even for the yummy ones. AND there were so many people that the little plastic candy shovels RAN OUT.

Aparently there's an Easter sale every year, but nobody told us this, so we just thought that when the sun first starts coming out again (as it had just started doing), people celebrate by stocking up. In a big frenzied way. And so, we thought they were crazy. End story of Påsk candy sale at ICA Vast.

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  1. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Way to go Ellie what a great piece of writing about your Ipod. has your mum turned up yet? Jamie is in Finland and I hope you can all get together but I know its diffciult. give my love to Jen when you see her. I'm sitting by the fire and thinking of sunshine . Love Deb

  2. Thanks Deb, what can I say? I was writing that really came from the heart, motivated by an equal mix of desperation and frustration haha

    Mum arrived on Wednesday quite late in the afternoon, but today I'm sharing my obsession with IKEA and we're going to catch the bus out there. It's very unlikely that we'll buy anything, it's more the gimmick of going to Sweden!

    I really hope that we work out meeting up with Jamie, we'll be in Helsinki right in the middle of the days she's in Finland, but she never told me where she'd be exactly so hopefully we can work it out.

    The fire sounds great, it's about 13 degrees here at the moment which would normally be really warm, but it's a bit drizzly and windy. Oh, the grass is always greener :)

    Love ellie


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