My mum got to Facebook first. Thank god I beat her to Blogger.

6/22/2007 02:58:00 am

Mum has started a blog. I'm not really sure why, I can only assume that she's jealous of my wide-reaching internet fame and wants a piece of the pie..

At first I was a little bit bemused by the title, Put on the JAM, and thought that in some creepy way it had something to do with this new guitar-playing flame of hers. But then I realised that J.A.M are her initials and it all made more sense.

So with that plug out of the way, I'll launch into my originally planned post.

I've been watching copious amounts of TV this week and these are some of my conclusions:

~Degrassi "The new generation" is, in no way, ever going to be as good as the original Degrassi. Ever.

~The Man From Snowy River is pretty crap, but kinda addictive, and it has Guy Pierce being all moody and farmerish before he got famous. It has that Andrew Clarke guy too, the one with the catepillar moustache, who you always know you've seen in something else but can't quite put your finger on what it was. And to be perfectly honest, I think I'd sleep all day if I didn't have to get up to watch it at 1.45 (I can even catch a bit of Hollyoaks if I wake up earlier).

~Hollyoaks is not as good as Coronation Street, even though the only time I ever saw Coronation Street was when I was staying in London on my way to Sweden. And what ever happened to Grange Hill? That was quality.

~Ads are even more annoying when you don't understand what they're about. These Norwegian ads are just about driving me crazy because their jingles have burned into my brain. I think it's happened more intensely that it would do with an english ad because all I can comprehend is the jingle.

~You know you've been watching too much TV when you not only have the jingles memorised, but the Norwegian words as well. Or in the case of the National Geographic Channel, the Danish words.

~Which leads me to my final point: Danish sounds weird.

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4 comments on this post

  1. Anonymous2:25 pm

    your mums blog is more pornographic than yours... im not sure where i am going with thus, or what my point is but yeah...

  2. Anonymous2:20 pm

    art porn... whats the difference really?

  3. So, "put on the jam" came up when I was trying to find something using my initials (as you sussed). It means something like "making out you are better than you are" which was not really my intention but I thought it was an intriguing title!

    As for the pornography: Pete, you need to get out more.


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