The leaves are a changin'.

10/04/2007 03:00:00 am

I love autumn, but I just wasn't really prepared for its distinct chill to be arriving now. I spent one week in America, 2 days of it in New York City, the rest in Ithaca (upstate), and another week holed up in my room alternating between studying for a big exam and sleeping at odd hours as I was slowly overcome by jetlag. Somehow in that time, without me noticing, summer has most definitely slipped away. Oh well, it might be getting colder, but it sure is pretty!

What can I say? America was great because it wasn't really what I expected. I realised that the reason I thought Meredith and Kristen 'weren't like other Americans' was actually not because they were different, but because my perception of America in general was wrong. How's that for deep eh? Aside from my bag deciding to take an extended stay in Amsterdam Schipol airport, and mooch at a FedEx sorting facility at Kennedy (I still can't quite get over the fact that FedEx do not deliver on Sunday OR Monday!) for four days, it was a good week. It was so nice to see Kristen, and Meredith and Julie drove down from Rochester for a night too; it was like being in Sweden again during last semester. And I got a photo of Rupert from the Hello Deli; you can't beat that!

I managed to eat my way through the week, starting at Kristen's beloved Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village, then Greek, Japanese, bagels, pizza, pizza again, and an ill-fated trip to some wineries that ended much later that night in Kristen and I drinking our way through almost 4 bottles of very tasty wine...ahem. And some raspberry cocktails.

Like always, the photos are on my Flickr page, but here's few to get you started.
We stopped by the University Orchards to get apples, but really, what's a university without its name spelled out in pumpkins?
The shores of Lake Cayuga.
Sooo, this is what the student union of an Ivy League school looks like. There's even ivy!

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