A quiet week.

11/18/2007 09:53:00 am

Quiet week eh (I went to see the Cat Empire in Västerås last week, but there's a whole other story right there involving a $250 cab ride). Sinus infection. A bad one.

The cons of a sinus infection:
1. Well to be honest, there's a point where you think your nose shouldn't be able to produce much more green goo, and that's just nasty.
2. When it feels like there's a little man inside your face, pushing and ninja kicking to get out, you know you'd better hit up the pseudo. Which, unfortunately is unavailable in Sweden without a prescription, and there's no way I'm going to the doctor again in this country. Ever.*
3. You feel like you're about to die.
4. You look like you're about to die.
5. You wish you're about to die.

Pros of having a sinus infection
1. You can miss class without feeling guilty, which, since I miss class fairly frequently anyway, is always going to be a good thing.
2. You can watch multiple episodes of Aircrash Investigation online, whilst intermittently napping.
3. You lose 2 kilos without any effort (amoebic dysentery anyone?).
4. You save money as you are in bed sleeping and watching Aircrash Investigation rather than,
a) clothes shopping
b) drinking
c) grocery shopping/eating

But as luck would have it, I did go to class on Monday and Wednesday because we had some huge chunks of lab work to do and I felt bad about not going in. Obviously, not such a great idea. We set up some PCR stuff on Monday afternoon and came back on Wednesday to run the gels. Oh my, they were bad. We ran another PCR, we ran two more gels, we sat around in the lab for 8 hours. Oh, they continued to be bad. We decided we had made a mistake designing the primers. I didn't go in on Thursday. They discovered on Thursday that there was nothing actually wrong with the primers, but we had only diluted them once rather than twice, meaning that we were using about 1000x too much and so were not working as they should.

Look, don't tell anyone...but I'm pretty sure that in my infection/drug fuelled haze on Monday afternoon I diluted the primers. Meaning..oops.

*Luckily Mum had sent me some cold and flu tabs. Strangely, they were not confiscated by Swedish customs though my teabags were. Strange country this one.

PS. Nic visited on the weekend, and it was really good to see someone from home. We wandered around town, went to Saturday fika at Storken, Sunday fika at Kalmar and ate toasted cheese sandwiches. A good weekend all round.

Oh, and just for the record, I cracked the other two eggs in that carton. BOTH DOUBLE-YOLKIES. Could I just reiterate.. what are they doing to the chickens?!

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