What muscles?

7/05/2008 11:39:00 pm

Things have been very. quiet. lately. I haven't even seen any crazy people on the bus.

So in an attempt to ward off boredom, though only slightly, I've been going to the gym almost every day. I started swimming again a while ago, but now I've started using those scary looking machines in the actual gym too. This is all because earlier in the year, when I was having real problems with my back/neck, the physio told me it would never get better unless I could strengthen my abs, instead of using the muscles along my spine, to support my back. I'd been doing stretches at home but they wasn't really doing much, as was evident by the way Nancy poked me in the belly fat every time she said a word of the above paraphrased sentence, as if to emphasise. So, Pilates: I went to a class on Wednesday. And, oh my god, ouch.

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