Can you tell the difference? (oh the pain)

9/19/2008 01:06:00 am

My own vanity got the better of me. Again.

For about two years I have been doing a reasonable amount of stress/life related jaw clenching, with such force that my beautifully (read: expensively) aligned teeth began to move. And I no longer had my retainer, it either ceased to fit or got eaten by Mel. Not sure which, but I definitely have a memory of Mel eating someone's retainer once. She ate one of my orthotics too. Anyway..

I decided to get a new retainer to stop any more tooth movement, and the orthodontist I found said they can move my tooth back to where it should be if I wear it for 6 months full-time. It's one of these fancy invisible ones..can you tell which is which?

Unfortunately you can't see in these pictures the very attractive black bruising around my gum line, which makes me look like a narc. Who would have thought something invisible could exert so much pressure.

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