One year ago.

10/25/2008 02:44:00 pm

A year ago today I wasn't doing very much. I know because I checked my diary.

On the first of November however, I went to a Swedish careers fair at MIC, or maybe it was Ångstrom labs (irrelevant anyway), with Rach. The note in my diary says:

Careers fair w Rachel.
Free pens!

Free lollies!


That about sums it up really.

It was quite reassuring to see that students share a universal mentality towards freebies, and they had much better toys.

Will we ever forget the motion-sensitive singing silver ball Rach won? No, I don't think we will. Not sure if that's a good thing actually.

Or the snap-band fight we had afterward? Those things are so much fun, even if the Swedes did look very bemused.

Or the conversation I had with a guy on one stall that went like this:

Ellie: What do you guys do? Guy: We're a computer engineering firm. We do solutions-based security for blah blah gefrueshterwitz. Fultonkerblah blah blah cha cha. Is that related to your field? Ellie: Not really... *awkward pause*... can I have a lollipop and one of those squeezy things anyway?... Guy: (audibly sighing) Yes.

Or the stall that I accidentally (yet, luckily, covertly) knocked over twice. Bahah.

Anyway.. It was a blue-sky day when the days were getting shorter.

The leaves were just beginning to fall, but it wasn't too cold. I was riding home by myself afterward, and I remember thinking, "this is pretty amazing".

I also remember thinking, "God, I love my blue beanie," but sadly that was a short-lived love affair.

blue beanie. Not Forgotten.

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  1. The big shiny ball is still with me! (or actually with my parents right now... we shall be reunited for Christmas) as is the snap band, weirdly. I can't believe all that was nearly a year ago..... My life feels so dull + empty now, without our little Uppsala adventures.

    I miss Sweden.

  2. I miss Sweden too :( Somedays I look at airfares and just imagine... And seriously Rach, you can take snack breaks in exams! The place is actually heaven on earth.


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