Some photos of my succulents

10/05/2008 11:57:00 pm

I didn't think you could kill succulents, but apparently you can. Well, apparently I can, anyway. But luckily I knew that I'd manage to start murdering these eventually and had the forethought to take some photos before it happened.

For the record, none of the ones in these particular photos have met their maker just yet, only one of their neighbours. I'm doing quite well so far.

The pot plant on the front steps was involved in quite a drama on Saturday, which I shall get to soon (I've started writing about it, but it's a complicated story). As a teaser, the post shall be called, "The Curious Incident of the Rat in the Parsley Patch," so see if you can fill in a few of the blanks yourself.

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  1. Nice looking cactus! I saw one like yours with the long spines today at IKEA, in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. I just posted about the trip...come over and see!


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