Snow Angels

11/15/2008 01:14:00 pm

The great thing about winter, apart from the obvious fun involved in rolling around in the snow and sledding down big hills on plastic bags*, sofas**.... that when the sun comes out again, the snow has melted, and the sky is blue, it is the best feeling in the world. And it feels like you have earned that bottle of champagne at 8 in the morning.***

*Plastic bags not recommended. I got a rock in my spine and that made me sad.

**The sofa was a favourite of the people who would sled down the ICA slope behind Sernanders 5. Always fun to watch out the kitchen window to see how many people they would fit on it, but nowhere near as fun as watching someone with a shopping trolley full of furniture trying to make it down same icy ICA slope. That, my friends, is indeed a story that should be told in person.

***Not that I'm advocating champagne as an acceptable morning food, but it was Valborg...

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