She resisted, and failed.

12/27/2008 03:04:00 pm

Christmas is, indeed, a time of joy. Every couple of years or so, Michael or I spy a dog costume so hilarious that it must be purchased. In the past, Mel has endured a witch costume, reindeer costume, and various football jerseys, but she is very cunning and extremely determined, and always manages to escape.

In fact, when she had surgery on her front paws and was taped up in some medical-strength plaster tape (one blue paw, one green), despite the pain of her missing dew claws, she chewed her way out.

Yes, she is the master. Until now. Observe.

The Japanese really do know how to engineer things to last. And Mel was incredibly unimpressed, so much so that she wouldn't come near either of us for the next few hours...

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