Tasmanian Florae and Fauna.

12/17/2008 03:46:00 pm

One of the amazing things (allegedly) about the Overland Track is the wide range of plants and animals in the region, especially the ones that are endemic to Tasmania. However, while we were hiking, I spent the majority of my time looking at my feet, trying to make sure I didn't slip and fall on my ass.

At one point, while I attempted to climb over a log in the rain, I took my eyes off my feet momentarily. And then I fell on my ass. Well actually, I fell on my shoulder, but that's not my point.

One of the amazing things about consistently looking at your feet though, is that there are some interesting things down on the ground anyway. Just don't ask me what the rest of it looked like...

Mountain Pinkberries
Mountain Pinkberries

Assorted lichens. Although, I do concede that these were, in fact, growing on trees, not on the ground.
More Lichen

Wombat by proxy.
Wombat Poo!

An evil looking wallaby. Even more evil looking in JM's photos because it has a bad case of the red eye, and so it looks possessed by the devil, when in fact it was only possessed by an extremely large and cute (if not a little squashed) looking joey.
Evil looking wallaby
And another plant of some kind...
Some Flower

There was also an echinda sighting, but I didn't see it. Too busy looking at my feet.

As always, more photos here.

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