A Little Loving

2/12/2009 08:55:00 am

Today is my second last day at CSIRO, and my last lab meeting *tear* Who would have thought that three months in Armidale would go so quickly!

Despite my anti-Valentines rant yesterday, I couldn't help myself last night and decided to make a little loving for my last lab meeting with my PC2 Molecular Group friends.

Remember: if science doesn't work out for me, baking will always be my back-up.

I followed Louise's tutorial (from Cake Journal) to make these cookie pops but I didn't have a squeezy bottle- in fact I didn't have any of my normal equipment-so I had to improvise a little bit.
Next time I'll make the flooding icing more runny, but because of my lack of bottle I had to pipe it from a little bag. A bit more fiddly than Louise's technique looks.

Oh, and the biscuit recipe is pepparkakor from here because we still had some dough frozen from Christmas time. You don't roll them as thin though because otherwise you can't get the stick to stay in the cookie.

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