Once I spent almost two solid weeks in the library

2/04/2009 06:56:00 pm

I was writing a miniature thesis-type thing about Soviet Biology in the Stalinist Era. It was a lot more interesting than you'd think, you should ask me about it some time.

Oh that Lysenko. Those Menshevising idealists; bourgeois fascists; those crazy kids. Yes, I am truly a riot at parties.* And for the record, not only do I know what all those words mean, I know how to pronounce them. Hell, I used "abrogate" in a sentence today!

Anyway, so around the same time I also had about 5000 words of other essays to write on top of like, 7000 or something about the Russians, and in two weeks I spent more than 140 hours in the library (it's true, I added it up). But in an effort to convince myself that the earth was still in its rightful place in the centre of the universe, and that the sun was still rotating faithfully** I went outside. I might've even done it twice. Who can remember these things?

Apologies for crappiness of pictures. I was 'studying' so I didn't have my camera with me.

Construction work on lower campus, because..you know..why fix the old buildings when you can just build shiny new ones. Is installing air-con in the 3rd year micro labs really that hard?
UNSW Main Walkway: symbolic of many things, for example, degrees that will not end.

Mathews Building, looming up Soviet Stylz. Appropriate really, given the context. And oh..look, what's that in the top left corner? Is it..oh yes..I think it is... another crane! Because why would you fix the old buildings, when you can just build new ones!!

OK, I lied. I was still inside when I took this. One nerd remains on the library lawn. All the others remain in the library.

*Although it must be said, in all, it was quite fascinating. I just didn't want to say so up there...

**DISCLAIMER: obviously I am joking. Otherwise my entire Arts degree, majoring in History & Philosophy of Science, was a complete waste of time. Hello Tycho, Nicholas, and Isaac.

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