Procrastination: Hello Old Friend.

4/19/2009 03:57:00 pm

I've finally pin-pointed one of the major problems in my life: due to decisions I have made, mostly of my own volition, life is, at the moment, like one gigantic assignment that will not end. This is a major problem. I should have just gone and got a job. Like, a real job...

Instead, I decided to take pictures of the place where I spend many hours of my life. Perhaps I will die here and be eaten by alsatians. Perhaps I should work on my literature review, which is looming up, looking like something so beyond my motivational capabilities that I cannot bring myself to actually write it. Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

My awesome flow diagram, stuck on the wall above my desk. Who would have thought that procrastination could be so colourful!?
My corner of desk, complete with redundant computer, gym gear and lab shoes underneath. Also note fan off to side-- my only friend on hot days with 3 people in a room the size of a small family car.
Liz's desk. Because she spends even more time here than I do. Loser.
James often does magical things of science. Here, he is stirring something in a large glass flask with technical paint-brush object and magnetic stirrer. Oh, mysterious science. Wonderous glass flask, everything inside it is magically upside down! Amazing and crazy at the same time, I'd explain how he does it, but it's very technical and you probably wouldn't comprende.
My desk at home. Because like.. sometimes I do work even when I've left the office. Not very often, I'll admit, but the notice board makes me look totally dedicated. Note the cardboard animals. A whole zoo of them.

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