Shapes in Nature // A.K.A Some Macro (image heavy...)

4/21/2009 04:15:00 pm

I like shapes in nature. I like that often you don't notice what's around you until you take some time out to look. And I love that irregular geometry exists in nature, symmetry is way over-rated in my book. I also love my camera, even though I would like to get a new one at some point.

Leaf skeletons on a fern.
I would LOVE to look at this under UV to see what other insect-attraction patterns are here, but I guess if I were a bee I'd quite like the look of this pollen anyway. Mmmmn, pollen yummness :D
Native nuts. Brings to mind an awkward conversation at lab lunch on Friday about kangaroo scrotum. Awkward. Conversation.
A grub about to pupate. Pupate is a word that grosses me out. Pupate...shudder...
Mmmmn, fungus. Ruffly pretty fungus. My uncle reckoned we could eat it...I decided not to eat it.
A spider's puff-ball. I wanted to step on it, but I resisted. Only just :D
A fruiting Monstera deliciosa, couldn't tell you if it is indeed delicious because the fruit weren't ripe, but how's that for an awesome pattern!
A spiky ball thing.
Buds and blossoms. They're yummy if you lick them, but I ah... didn't lick them...

Next in the series of procrastinatory postage: The Swedish Cafe! Oh my god, YUM. Keep reading.

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  1. Can't wait for the Swedish café! I hope you didn't take any secret pictures of me, haha.


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