Amazing feats of improbability.

6/24/2009 10:52:00 am

Something amazing happened to me last week, amazing in the sense of the Double-Yolkies Incident of 2007.

I was in the lab, sitting at my bench*...

..and I was refilling my tip boxes, like this:**
And now, you see, the box has 96 holes, because it fits 96 tips. And I was sitting there, minding my own business, listening to music, probably singing along louder than I realised (we've all been there, right...right?), filling away, and I look down at the box: it has 5 empty holes. Then I look down at my hand: 5 tips left in my hand!

I had pulled exactly 96 tips from the bag! What are the chances?!

More importantly, what are the chances of it happening twice?!! Because happen twice it did!*** I should have bought a lottery ticket.

*Actually, I wasn't sitting at either of those benches, but I wanted to set the mood...

**Although I wasn't refilling them like that at all, because, as is clear from my absurd story, I had the tips in my hand, not in the box-lid.
***No, I don't care what your theory is about it, nor do I actually want to know what the chances are. Go away and stop ruining my fun.

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