The rightful place of dogs and children.

6/05/2009 10:44:00 am

It annoys me when I see people in the eastern suburbs carrying their dogs around in handbags. Dogs are made for walking..they even have four legs to do it with.

A shop I walk past on my way to uni annoys me also, because it caters exclusively to the particular breed of frou frou eastern suburbanite that carries small dogs around in expensive handbags. There are two things about it that make me smile though.

This sign, at mother height, shows that children and their sticky little fingers cannot be trusted.

This one, at dog height (provided, I suppose, that the dog is not in a bag, in which case we can only assume that the same rules as above apply), shows that dogs are inherently trustworthy. Moreover, in the eastern suburbs, dogs are taught to read before children.
That seems about right to me.

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