My Fur Baby

7/04/2009 09:53:00 pm

When I go back to Armidale, it's usually for one reason only. Sorry mother.

My fur baby. I love her so.

This is one of our favourite positions: she lies in the little dip between both sets of ribs..unsure of the technical term there, but you get my drift. So cosy and warm for both of us, and I can play with her ears and rub her on the nose to my wee little heart's content.
Look how cute she is with her little feet tucked up! And look how comfy she is on mum's lovely expensive mohair blanket!
Hmmmn actually, is it just me or does she look sort of...depressed...

I think it might be because she gets sick of me taking pictures of her. I'm tedious like that. But when she doesn't know anyone is watching she has an absolutely glorious time.

She is my fur baby and I will love her the mostest forever.*

*Until she is superceded by a beagle or bunny who actually lives in my immediate vicinity

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