Some botanical lovin'

7/07/2009 12:10:00 pm

As we speak, all over town camellias are bursting out of their waxy little green sleeping bags. I'm quite sure that's the technical term.

Near the coffee cart at UNSW, which I frequent bi-daily (although I have been trying very hard lately to reduce my caffeine consumption...) there is an entire wall of camellia tree-bushes that are going crazy with flowers. As I walked home late the other night, I got right into that garden and pilfered myself a little handful of the lovely things, and I didn't even get chased down by a security guard. Not even once.

These are not those flowers. These flowers are from the Chinese Garden, and I didn't dare to even look like I was considering stealing some of them. That would have been far to un-zen.
And sure, these aren't even camellias, but they are lovely anyway no?

You should go to the Chinese Garden, it's extremely tranquil and full of lovely things. And also you will see British tourists dressed up as Chinese... least they can't get sunburn in that get-up...

...and if you're very lucky, you will see this man...
...with pigeons on his head.

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