The procrastination count-down.

9/25/2009 07:32:00 pm

Oh my. It's starting to get serious. I can feel it welling. I'm on the downhill run. I'm literally awash with cliches.

On Monday I'm going to start writing my thesis.* And in about 30 days time, 70 pages later, this will all be over. OVER I say!

I can feel it in my bones, you know why? Because on Thursday I cleaned my room.

I mean really, truly cleaned my room. Things came out of the wardrobe. Clothes were thrown out to go in the Vinnie's bag. Towels were relocated. Shoes were rediscovered. I'll admit that the aftermath of the duststorm did play a role, but this is all part of my process.

Some time ago I discovered that the cure for procrastination was to get all the possible avenues out of the way before I began doing something. To sort of, concentrate the procrastination into one large chunk.

And also to resist the urge to nap (because we all know that a nap always ends up 2 hours longer than expected, and leads to the need to snack, because you need time to recover from the nap and cannot be expected to study on an empty stomach...or...perhaps that's just me?).

My room-clean is a sign from deep inside my soul that I'm ready to start this massive study-related undertaking. Next I will do my laundry**, clean the bathroom, and organise all my papers.

On Monday I will begin. I expect we'll be seeing a lot of each other around these parts in weeks coming.

*Don't look at me like that. I've started already. Sort of.
**And probably repeat the load that was soaked in the thunderstorm on Tuesday night, and so was still wet when the dust storm rolled in, and is now strangely coloured and sort of stiff.

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