Fuming. Ranting. General hatred. Soy sauce theft.

10/07/2009 10:00:00 pm

I have got to move out of this house.

I used to have my stuff in communal parts of the kitchen but I stopped doing that when I noticed 1 day later that my non-stick pans had been violated with forks, my plastic rice paddle (plastic you know..so it doesn't DAMAGE THE NON-STICK RICE POT) was being used to stir hot yellow things, and mysteriously all my knives and forks are disappearing. Which is ironic when you consider the damage they have done to my rice pot.

I was pretty annoyed when I realised I was being charged for an equal share of my flatmate's STD phonecalls. I was pretty annoyed when my toilet paper all got used up because we had run out of paper towel and nobody else uses plates. I was pretty annoyed when my laundry detergent disappeared. I was pretty annoyed when I realised all these things in light of the fact that I get charged "$2.50 rent tax" every month because my flatmate never worked out how to use direct debit, and now he is charging me for phonecalls when the phone belongs to me and I earn approximately $55,000 AUD less than he does per annum. I was pretty annoyed when I realised that he smokes inside and leaves his dirty stinking cancer laden ashtray filth in the kitchen garbage.

But now I am really annoyed because I went into the kitchen, and a pizza has been cooked on my only oven tray. The oven tray that I had moved into my cupboard because when it was in the other cupboard people kept using it and putting it back with cheese still cooked on to it.

I am really. absolutely. fuming. now. Especially because I realised when I was looking in my cupboard just now that ALL MY SOY SAUCE IS GONE. Dirty fucking thieves. When you earn 80 grand a year it is JUST NOT COOL TO STEAL FOOD FROM OTHER PEOPLE.


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