A Normal Saturday

10/17/2009 02:02:00 pm

Last night I had a bit of an episode. I had been struggling all day with Word formatting, which apparently has a mind of its own. Finally, a heady combination of desperation, hayfever tablets, and red wine got to me. Like...there were tears. Lots of them. And snot, a lotta snot. Everywhere.

Word keeps crashing. Excel keeps crashing. Captions keep turning into text boxes. I simply Cannot Take It Any Longer.

My thesis is standing at about 11,000 words, 42 pages, 1579 lines. When it is all over, I hope you'll still be around. I even have a list of things to write about, so I'll be sad if I come back and my only 2 readers have gone. Hello Mum, hello Rob. Please stick around and check back in after 12pm October 29.

Otherwise I'll be as sad and dejected as this lonely pair of shoes....

...and things are shit enough right now without me feeling like an old shoe.

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4 comments on this post

  1. Rachel5:05 am

    Hey! I read this too!

  2. i like making you come out of the woodwork rach. it gratifies me.

  3. what rachel said.

    your blog is how i check you're alive when for some reason i cant see you on facebook chat.

    ps i love that bunny clip. although i find it a little scary.

  4. Thesis word count: 8,347
    Extension applications: 4
    Extension refusals: 3
    Extension acceptances: 1

    Finally... My thesis is now due the 6th of January 2010. Panic has now decreased by approximately a zillion percent.

    Just wanted to let you know that in between my experiments (from which I still have NO results, even though the original submission date was 30th October - stupid statistical analysis program, R) and writing my thesis, I like to read your blog. Looks like you're up to 5 readers... Enjoy.


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