Sorry..where? Who did you say you were again?

10/20/2009 09:47:00 am

You know guys, I’ve been thinking for a while that being a real estate agent in Sydney is possible the cushiest job ever.

Last week I was in the bathroom and I noticed water dripping from the ceiling. I thought it was condensation (my flat mate is liberal with the splashing), but then I put a cup underneath, and the cup filled up. So I guess it wasn’t condensation.

I called our agent.

Ellie: “Hi agent, it’s your tenant from number 2. You know, I live across the hall from you. You told me we’d have to mop up the water when the house flooded earlier this year. Yup, that 960 litres of water you wanted us to mop up. Anyway, there is water leaking through the ceiling in the bathroom next to an electrical fixture, wasn’t really sure what to do.”

Agent: “Who? What? Water? Upstairs? You’ll have to call the agent.”

Ellie: “Um.. you don’t happen to know who that is do you?”

Agent: “Yeah, it’s Generic Name.”

Ellie: (pause) “So is that the agent’s name, or like..the name of the person…?”

Agent: “It’s both. He’s just down the road. Near the post office. You’ll have to talk him.”

So I went for a walk. I walked down to the post office. Actually I walked past the post office. I walked up both sides of the street. I got someone to check the address. There was only PO box. I got hold of the guy’s phone number.

Ellie: “Hi, I live in number 2, below your tenants. You know, the ones who play the piano for 3 hours every day. She’s quite good at Mozart, I’ll give her that, but here’s the thing…there is water leaking through the roof in our bathroom.”

Other Agent: “Water? What? Who? Where? Water? Which bathroom? Like..the roof? Is it coming through the roof? Which unit?”

Ellie: “Yup. Like I just said, I’m in unit 2, it’s coming from unit 4. The main bathroom. Next to an electrical fitting.”

Other Agent: (pause) “...How much water?”

Needless to say, 5 days later, the water is still dripping.

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