11/03/2009 06:03:00 pm

A common misconception about Armidale is that it is hot in Summer. People, it is mild. Think, 27 degrees in November, a jumper on at Christmas. So don't get all up in my face about how I should be able to stand the heat. I am melting in this hellhole. But this is beside the point.

I went flying. Yes. Me. In a plane. At the controls. But it's ok...I didn't actually do any controlling: Rob told me I wasn't allowed to touch the stick thing or the pedals. I felt no particular compunction to do so either.

Turns out I'm quite terrified of flying. But well..I did actually know that already. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although when I realised we had to land the effing thing my heart-rate increased somewhat.

I have some more photos coming. I'm going to make a pictorial essay. It will be like a manga, but without the cartoon sex. won't be like a manga at will be like photos with captions in between.

Here are some teasers though.

Out over the Gorge. The gorge photos are a bit crap because I was feeling a bit off in the tummy, and my battery was going flat and I was having exposure problemos. You get that when you're inside a tin can over a gorge and the terrain alert is flashing.


The baron..ooohh so shiny...

Not dead!

Stay tuned for more.

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