The things that concern me: current edition.

11/20/2009 11:58:00 pm

I'm getting there with the list of super awesome gifts under 50 dollars. My intertube browsings have been somewhat limited in the last few days by the moving of the house. Not the actual house, you understand, because that would be some kind of effort involving big trucks and me actually owning a house that could be moved. I'm sure we're on the same page though.

Right now, it is 30 degrees. That's 30 degrees celsius for my many and varied American readers. 86 degrees fahrenheit to you. Not so remarkable in itself, except that it's 11.45pm and we don't have air-con.

Today was a bad day in general. It was extremely hot. Like, extremely hot, and we were moving furniture. Then it started to storm, and I thought it would cool down, but instead, it stayed extremely hot and then got extremely humid. I think I cried, but I don't know if they were tears or my eyeballs were sweating.

Right now, I am sprawled on the bed in front of a fan which Rob is keeping covered with wet towels. I am fragile after all. Even so, the ice cold shower I took 2 hours ago was nothing short of life-changing.

It wasn't the heat that ruined the day's mojo though. No, that would be the fucktard who broke into Rob's car sometime last night while we were out getting dinner. And you know, he didn't do it by breaking the window. Too easy? Who knows. No he jimmied out the lock, and broke of some door handles. And had a go at one of the windows too. And you know what? He got a GPS. Like...all 200 bucks' worth. Asshole. So you know, waiting around for the cops made it a bit of a bad day. As did waiting for the forensics lady, who took one look at the door handle and its disassociated lock lying on the ground, then said, "Fuck, I saw this last week. He used gloves."

He did; textured gloves.

He also (we realised this later in the day) took Rob's nav bag, containing maps, 2 pairs of prescription glasses, medical papers, licence etc. Street value: $0. Asshole. And a baseball bat too, but we didn't tell the cops that.

So that was today. I'm thinking tomorrow should be a bit better. Unfortunately though, I made the mistake of looking at the extended weather forecast. Sunday I am going shopping. I do not care where, I do not care what for. All I care for is airconditioning.

A 39 degree day in November concerns me. At this rate I will be dead before Christmas. I am fragile afterall, and we don't have air-con.

I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to Monday.

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